To an e-pal from Ghana

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Hi** the friend from Ghana, even though you have canceled your post the other day, I'd like to revise it for you, enti<x>tled  "SIMPLE WORDS ABOUT A GOOD  MAN."  I'm sure the words below will  benefit a lot to you. 
Men don't have to be too handsome as long as they love someone deeply.  Men do not have to be too rich as long as they spend money on their girlfriends willingly.  Men do not have to be strong as long as they can protect their lovers bravely.  Looking back on every step you have taken over these years, this is an excellent moment.  Cherish it now please.
Someone says you are a scammer** I'd rather not believe it. 
You ever wrote to many ladies here ,asking if they discriminate foreigners,yet I'd like to tell you their answers: they discriminate scammers **but not foreigners. If you look at someone from perspective of women,you will find a good lady immediately.  


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